Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Long Time No See...

I'll start out by apologizing for my obvious and substantial absence. A LOT has happened since my last posts. My love life took a turn for the better and thus free time became harder and harder to come by. That was most of 2010 for me. Never a chance to get back to my little blog.

Then in 2011 we got the scare of a lifetime my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That was traumatic to say the least. We spent our holidays in '11 worrying about my mom and what would happen to her. But thank God she's doing miraculously now! She had her surgery May 7th 2012. You wouldn't believe it but she actually had a 36lb tumor...Yeah massive to say the least. After her surgery her Dr.'s told us that her cancer was stage 1A, which was shocking since her tumor was so big. So she didn't even need chemo (which we were most afraid of)! Now she's up and around slowly getting back to the mom I used to know. :) With all of that happening I put a lot off. Something like this blog was the absolute last thing on my mind.

Which brings us to the present. Over the past month I've been thinking more and more about my abandoned little blog and I think its time to just pick it back up. Especially since I keep thinking about it. I'll take it as a sign. :) I'll warn you though I still don't really have a decent camera. I still take pics with my phone and sometimes my non dslr nikon lol (when I'm not feeling lazy :P). But I'll try to make it up to you by picture bombing you with some nail polish and nail art I've (Or my friend Vanessa) have worn in the past two years. :) So please bare with me and stay tuned!

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