Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hello All! And Nails...!

Hello all! I decided I wanted a way to start saving all my nail art designs and swatches. And what better way to do that than to start a blog. Right? *crickets* But I dont want to mislead people into thinking this is going to be a strict nail blog. I have other interests that will leak into this from time to time. It could be anything from horror movies to my strange fascination with Michio Kaku. I go through phases. Why don't you join me on my crazy journey?

Enough of that though and on to the fun stuff. I'm no professional when it comes to doing nails I learned a lot of my techniques from watching vids on youtube. (I've noticed a lot of girls getting more and more into the beauty guru thing) So my nails are not perfect by any means but this serves more as a gallery for people to view the nails designs I come up with (when they are not mine own designs I will give credit). So without further adieu here are my current nails compelete with ratty cuticles and no clean up. *winces*

Polish used for the look is Color So Hot It Berns - O.P.I.

And for a little more fun here is a pic of my best friends nails that I did for her a couple of days ago. She wanted to use her Claires Moods Nail Polish - Calm/Wild before we get too far into fall.

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