Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Halloween Nails of 2010!

I mean't to post a lil haul I did but I can't seem to get good pics. I'll keep trying though :) In the meantime all I have to offer is my first Halloween nail theme I have for the month of October. I'll try to do mostly nail art this month but I'm sure I'll end up doing a solid color or two (but they will always be Fall/Halloweeney (^_^) type colors) The first design done in honor of the festivities are my True Blood inspired nails. I love Eric Northman and when I found some ebay decals of his gorgeous face I had to have them! I had no real clue what else I was going to do other than add the title True Blood to my thumb which I got the idea from an extremely talented (and nice :D ) blogger named Melissa. Her nails are simply amazing...

You can find more of her daily doses of awesome Here

I guess it's silly on my part to post such awesome nail pics only to be followed by my badly lit pics with horrible cuticles. :S Anyhoo no matter here are my current but soon to go bye bye Eric nails...

Main color on the four nails is Savvy - French White White. The stripes were done using a nail art polish called Art Deco - Black and the red blood was done using Art Deco - Red Glitter. Main thumb color used was Wet 'n' Wild - Black Creme.

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